SOUTH BY DUE EAST -Artist Info - Guy Schwartz & MArlo Blue's Guerilla Marketing Experiment!
Here is some prepared text
answering the basics about what we do at

It's a movie/video shoot - we're making a
film/video for the web, TV and radio.
You might want to consider releasing some of it yourself!

we create audio and video recordings for...

SOUTH BY DUE EAST Television (TV Series - 10th season)
Hippies.TV (TV Series - 14th season)
Guy Schwartz' Road Journal (TV Series - 4th Season)
SOUTH BY DUE EAST Radio Specials (KPFT-FM90.1 and

which includes
Wildman Steve Radio Network
Stiletto Radio
Guy Schwartz' Streaming Radio -

...and various other media and short music video features and feature films
to be used to promote our Texas music scene and each of the artists!

Most of these programs feature local original Houston music,
as well as regional artists from Texas and the Gulf Coast,
but we sometimes host and feature
a few visiting road bands, as well,
just to attract their crowd to our town's music.

SOUTH BY DUE EAST looks like a small indie music fest.
And it is! This will be our 16th year. We hold a 3 or 4-day
music fest so we can videotape and record everyone
as well as we can. All types of artists play and perform -
we videotape & record multi-track audio (and do a
set with my band, too).

The public is invited, and we promote to get some
audience - hoping they feel like movie-extras and
cheer really loud when artists perform. They usually do.

No cover charge - no pay for the crew or bands.
Everybody is a volunteer.
We're working to change that! Donations are appreciated.


This year, we'll be at The Last Concert Cafe in
the north side of downtown Houston, Texas,
on the 9-11th of March, 2018.
Friday begins at 5pm, and Saturday & Sunday
begin at 3pm. Please let me know if any of those
days won't work for you.

We sometimes call it Guy Schwartz & MArlo Blue's
Guerilla Marketing Experiment. When people check out
our films and TV shows because they want to see Steve Krase,
they may also sit through James Wilhite, Muzak John
and Annika Chambers, so, every artist in the
show gets exposure to the other artist's online
fanbase. We all get a little exposure to the world -
and free video with great sound quality.

We edit and mix for about a year - about 60% of
those performing make it onto the films, compilation CDs,
TV and Radio shows - and all have access to all video and audio for your own projects.

As stated, not everyone makes it into the film or TV show.
Some bands will suck that day or we don't capture
anything cool (if so - we often try again next year), or
there is a gear malfunction.

The set times are loose, but usually 10-20 minutes.
If we know we've got the stuff we need, and we're
running behind or it rained and everyone's sharing a
stage inside, sets could be over fast.

If the next band hasn't shown up (amazingly - it
happens), you're welcome to play longer, or include
others in a jam (nudge-nudge). We may not videotape
everything, but the multi-track will continue rolling.

You may choose to play a set, or play the same song
a few times (Take 1, Take 2, etc.).

Remember -

It's a video shoot and recording session! It only looks
like a festival! And feels like a festival.
3-8 minute songs work best for my TV needs.
If you have a special idea for a special approach
to your segment - let's talk in advance!

There will be backline, but all artists are
encouraged to bring your own gear, especially the
visually unique stuff. Everybody's gear looks
different - it's part of the look of the band - and
the film IS a visual kinda thing.

Anything we choose to edit, you may have access
to in that edited form without cost (plus any
raw footage and audio) - as long as you
bring over a hard drive for a direct transfer.
Remember - It takes 2-18 months for me to edit
all of the year's shows, and you may not
be the first... or second...

I'm always available to help you turn that video
into anything you wish, or ahead of our TV shedule,
as well, but that's where I start charging
my normal editing fees.

One band got upset because I didn't
make them a free playable DVD and
deliver it across town to them.
If you have expectations like that - please go chill,
or be prepared to pay cash.

We prefer a fruity sativa, but,
welcome a kushy indica after midnight.

Again - you are welcome to pick up copies of anything
we shoot or edit for our TV shows, FREE of cost,
as long as we set a time for you to bring by a
PC compatible portable USB hard drive with
ample space available (usually 20-40 gigs).

Just in case either of us make money from it, there is
a system in place (and on the performance release)
describing how monies would be divided (everyone who
participates in the making of the 'product' gets an
equal share of the pie for each particapation -
musicians, camera operators, recordists, promoters,
editors, post techs, etc.).

It's really fair to the individuals, but leans
heavier towards the larger bands. A solo artist gets
one share as musician and one as featured artist and
one as songwriter, while a band has several
musicians (but requires more camera operators and
days of editors). If you have in-band video editors
who are willing to help, or if you know someone,
we welcome you to help them get in touch with me!

We take donations to offset costs. Three year's ago
we took in $1100, while spending a couple thousand,
but, we went broke a few years ago, and can only
provide services up to the point at which we have
donations and volunteers. I usually put in
about 200 - 500 hours editing and organizing
per year, while MArlo logs about 100 hours
of production work, and then Roger and I
spend about 200 hours between us on audio post. We
don't charge or bill it against the end product - we
just take those shares like everyone else. It's got
an imaginary built-in hedge for us - if somebody
gets famous, we'll have some footage worth $500 -
$5,000, but mostly it's our way of giving back to a
music community that nurtured us all.

We've made money once - a small Colorado cable
network licensed 6 pieces for $50 apiece in 2005,
and several artists made between $2-8! We ain't
in it for the money. But, the performance release
includes language to that effect so an understanding
is in place in case we need it.

This year, donations which exceed the cost of the event will be shared with
The Guy Schwartz Foundation For Houston's Original Music
a Texas non-profit dedicated to the support, archiving, and promotion of
Houston's original music and creators.
Donations for the foundation are accepted and appreciated year-round at

Most of all, we just have a lot of fun! SBDE is always
a blast for everyone involved (crowd, organizers,
venue staff, recording crew, artists, etc).

In the end, everyone has more video, more quality
live recordings, more access TV exposure, more
web-films spreading their particular musical gospel,
and the depth and diversity of the Houston music
scene and our touring friends. Plus - we're creating
a hysterical archive for musicologists on some
metaphorical futurama.


All of the artists own the masters with us, individually and severally,
and are welcome to the video files in whatever form I have them.
I'll edit about half of the artists for my TV show.
I will not edit every one of those artists in the first week,
or even the first six months, but all are welcome to
those edits if and when and if the editing is performed.

Immediately after SBDE2018,
I need to do whatever paid work I can and have found.
Mostly gigs on the road, paid video editing, and paid audio production.
If some of the artists are in a hurry to have something edited,
and can afford my cheap rates, then
I'm happy to edit them ahead of my TV schedule.

The average set of raw files is about 15-30gigs.
The average set of edits is about 1-1.5gigs per song.
A 500 gig drive can be had for $60-100. Each artist
should probably get themselves 2 drives and
put the files on each, in case one crashes.

Yes! We need 'em. They get the same deal as the others.
Twenty minutes of taping, access and
co-ownership to all files created on them,
and to edits if I choose to edit and use them on TV.
They can also hire me or anyone else to
edit them ahead of my TV schedule.
If they want outright ownership for themselves exclusively -
the cost is $500. If the gear fucks up during their set,
they are in for free at the next one. We rarely fuck up,
but when we do, it's only one camera or audio.
We still have the rest. Music must still be all original.